Why I left Oracle for Delphix?

I recently bumped into a colleague of mine from Sun Microsystems in New York City. Although it’s been 18 months since I left Oracle, post-Sun acquisition in 2010, he was shocked. We had met when I started at Sun in 1997 and, since the Financial melt down in 2008, we assumed roles and trained as Enterprise Architects (EA); think TOGAF, ITIL, OEA, Business Value, Operations Management Capabilities Model, etc. versus the Java definition of EA. We were focused on critical business problems at the executive level. My management was very supportive in providing all necessary resource to ensure success, I was frequently asked to facilitate industry talks (Engineered Systems, Cloud, Data Center consolidation, and Virtualization, to name a few), and the compensation plan is excellent. I wasn’t looking for a new career.

So he asks me, Why the [explicative] would you walk away from a secure job to chase a startup?

So I asked him, What’s the biggest, unsolved problem in IT today? – Being data constrained, right? And isn’t data the ‘jewels’ of every company? It’s great we have all these industry driven buzzword-initiatives like Virtualization, DevOps, Agile Development, Cloud (Public, Private, Hybrid, *aaS), Big Data, and even Engineered Systems. But at the end of the day, no matter how fast you can stand-up infrastructure, you still can’t provide the developers, analysts, DBAs, and testers with a copy, or multiple copies, of a gigabyte/terabyte database in minutes for pre-production environments; in most cases it takes days, weeks, etc. to provision or refresh. And, if you can deliver a fast copy, it’s typically a snapshot which begins to go stale the moment the end-user receives it.

Delphix’ Agile Data Management solves this data constraint for databases and application data by providing an optimized copy of the Source. The Delphix Engine efficiently manages all changes from the Source, and those applied to the full read-writable virtual copies, to provide continuous data protection (CDP) from which copies can be created, refreshed, and reset to any point in time in minutes.

So Delphix solves the biggest problem in the industry, which I found not only exciting but a significant change agent to assist customers realize the potential benefits of Cloud, Big Data, DevOps, etc. by eliminating the ‘wait time’ for data delivery and management. But what ultimately convinced me to leave a position of 16 years was the executive management team and rock star list of engineers who are at the core of this company. A cool product is one aspect, having a team that can execute makes all the difference. I was offered an opportunity to be part of this team and have no regrets.



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